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Innokin iTaste MVP Variable Voltage APV Kit Version 1

Item Number IK-MVP-KIT1
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Innokin iTaste MVP Variable Voltage APV Kit Version 1
Itaste MVP Electronic Cigarette
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Innokin iTaste MVP Advanced Personal Vaporizer Kit  

The Innokin iTaste MVP is a variable voltage, box style APV (advanced personal vaporizer) that includes an installed (and non-replaceable) 2600 mAh battery.  This high capacity battery will give you hours and hours of vaping time between charges. As with all Innokin products there is excellent build-quality and outstanding performance.

This is a great looking device, available in silver, black and titanium blue.  The all metal construction is sturdy and stylish.  I have never been a big fan of box mods before, but the ITaste MVP feels great in your hand.  it weighs 5.2 ounces (148 grams) and is 4.2 in (107 mm) tall including the threads.  It is 1.6 inches wide (41 mm) and .8 inches (22 mm) deep.

The iTaste MVP electronic cigarette lets you adjust the voltage from 3.3 volts to 5 volts and has a 3 ampere current limit.  This will satisfy almost all vaping enthusiasts.  The battery is a built-in lithium-ion polymer 2600 mAh that also can function as a power bank to charge most any USB- or micro USB-enabled device as well as an iphone (not iphone 5) or ipad. The iTaste MVP also employs a pass-through charging system, which means you can charge and vape at the same time. 

The iTaste MVP provides the following features and benefits:
  • Compatible with almost any 510 or EGO-threaded device, including the Kanger T2 and T3 due to the enhanced threading
  • Easily adjustable to find your perfect vaping voltage.  Set it between 3.3 and 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments
  • Monitor your usage with the built-in puff counter
  • Vape for a long time with the 2600 mAh Polymer li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Charge your mobile devices with the portable power source
  • Monitor your remaining battery capacity with the LED indicators
  • Safely carry and store the device (and save power) using the ON/OFF safety switch
  • Charge the MVP e-cigarette while you vape with the pass-through feature
  • Almost universal mobile device compatibility utilizing standard and micro USB 2.0 sockets
  • Enhanced safety and device protection from short circuits, faulty atomizers / cartomizers, over-charge and over-discharge 
  • Plenty of current for most any vaping requirement

The Innokin iTaste MVP comes with everything you need to get started except for e-liquid.  Each kit contains:

1 - Innokin iTaste MVP APV 
1 - Innokin Dual Coil iClear 30 changeable coil tank clearomizer 
1 - Charging / Power cable (USB, Mini USB, IPOD and IPhone connections)
1 - MVP thread cover
1 - English instruction manual

Using the iTaste MVP


To turn the MVP on you must press the power button 3 times.  The LED in the power switch will flash in a red, yellow green sequence as the device powers on.

When you get the green light the MVP is ready to use.

As you use the device and press the power button to vape, it will initially be green.  As the battery capacity diminishes the light will change to yellow.  As the power is almost gone, the LED will change to red until finally it will flash twice and shut down.  This indicates you have to attach the MVP to a power source to charge / use it.


The VV display on the side of the MVP comes with a hard-to-detect, plastic screen protector.  If your display appears to be scratched, don't worry, it is just the plastic.  You can remove this protective cover if you choose.

Whenever either the V+ or V- button is pressed, the first item to be displayed is the puff counter.  The puff counter keeps track of how many times you have pressed the power button.  This counter will disappear in less than two seconds and then the current voltage setting will be displayed.  You can use the V+ and the V- buttons to adjust the voltage accordingly.


You use the supplied charging adapter to charge the device.  Simply plug the USB end of the cable into any powered USB port on an electronic device or power adapter.  Then plug the Micro USB plug on the charging adapter into the Input port on the bottom of the MVP. 

It will take approximately 3.5 to 5.5 hours to fully charge the MVP.  This will depend upon how much charge was remaining in the battery when you started to charge and whether you are using the device as a pass-through.

If the battery was heavily discharged the LEDs will display red for a short period of
time.  Once the LED shows a steady green you can now use the MVP as a pass-through and vape while it charges.  Be advised that using the MVP in pass-through mode can significantly increase the time it takes to achieve a fully charged state.

When the device has been fully charged the LED will go out and the MVP can be removed from the charger and used.


As stated above, the Itaste MVP can be used to charge / power mobile devices.  Be advised that using this function will discharge your battery at a much faster rate than when just using it for normal vaping.

To use this functionality, first slide the Output ON/OFF switch to the ON position.  This will activate the USB output port.  Then simply connect the device you wish to power by plugging it into the Output USB port on the MVP. 

When you are finished charging / powering the device, remove the cables and be sure to slide the Output switch back to the OFF position.

Battery Safety Information
Be sure to use only cells that are recommended by the manufacturer or vendor where you purchased your APV (electronic cigarette). Failure to use proper procedures with lithium ion cells can lead to serious accidents, quite possibly a fire or an explosion. Do not over charge or over discharge cells.

We strongly recommend IMR or PROTECTED ICR cells in all e-cigarette applications. Do not charge these cells unattended. If cells become damaged, discontinue their use immediately. For comprehensive information on safely using lithium ion cells, please visit the Battery University
Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Awesome product!! A+++ service!
Ordered the Innokin iTaste MVP few weeks ago, and its by far my favorite mod I have. The battery lasts FOREVER.. I only have to charge it every few days (and i puff a lot)! I've been using it with a kanger protank, and it just performs beautifully, even with my other tanks. Also even more to say about TropicalVapors.. Seriously I couldn't be more pleased with this company!! Super SUPER fast FREE shipping, got the mod on sale, and have received follow up emails to make sure I'm satisfied with my product. You guys are awesome, will most definitely be repeat customer. Thanks!
  Did you find this helpful?   2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from PA. - 10/11/2013
Rating Great Vape AND Service
Purchased 3 weeks ago and am impressed with the build quality and construction. Using the Iclear 30 and am very pleased with its performance but found the 30 won't connect directly to a Lambo. The dual threading is convenient. Straight out of the box, it gave me 990 hits before going to yellow, then another 130 hits before it went to red asking for a recharge. The only downsides I can offer is the hit/on-off button is flush to the surface so it can sometimes be difficult to locate and the device has no resistance reading. Both of these issues are addressed in the MVP V2. Overall, a very nice, affordable, intermediate APV. FAST SHIPPING AND FAB CUSTOMER SERVICE. THANKS!
  Did you find this helpful?   1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Salt Lake City, Utah. - 9/14/2013
Rating awesome apv, fast shipping, greatness
ordered on a sunday, received on a wednesday, with the ring it comes with, and a 6ml tank that i ordered at the same time, it is quite an impressive piece. excellent battery life, and the usb spare power backup is really useful to have. since it also uses micro-usb to charge, any of my phone charges work just fine for it. a full day of heavy usage (puff counter nearing 200), along with charging my phone from 4% to 54%, and it still wasnt into the yellow on battery. i ordered mine in black, and i really like the look. i highly recommend it! the downsides, if there are any, and to me they're nothing, is that it is a little big, because of its huge battery, and having the button where it is located is a little different, but otherwise, it feels solid, and the battery button doesnt easily get accidentally bumped in the pocket
  Did you find this helpful?  
Reviewed by:  from bay area, ca. - 7/16/2013
Rating The iTaste MVP is awesome and so is Tropical Vapors!
I love my MVP! I opened it up, filled up one of the iClear 16's that came with it, and have been vaping on it for over a day and a half (had to fill the clearomizer a few times)! It produces a great vape! I am not really used to the weight of an AVP, but it's not that bad. I love how it fits perfectly in my hand. As far as shopping at Tropical Vapors, it was a great experience. I got the free shipping as I ordered another AVP for my husband. My order was shipped very quickly and arrived at my home in two days. I would highly recommend the iTaste MVP and Tropical Vapors!
  Did you find this helpful?  
Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin. - 6/24/2013
Rating Quite A Nice Little Unit!
I have to throw kudos out to Tropical Vapors! They were one of a limited number that had the Titanium Blue color, & by far had the best price AND free shipping! Ordered it Saturday & got it Wednesday - amazing fast shipping for free! Thank you! I ordered this to replace a VV Gripper that didn't work right out of the box. When the ambient temperature was over 80 degrees the Gripper would shut itself off completely. But the eronomic design of it was perfect! Which brings me to the MVP - substantially heavier with the metal body. And I'm still trying to get used to the "feel" in my hand. Nice sitting here at my desk, but strange in any other position, like reclining while reading. But good pocket size. One design change would make it perfect in my opinion, and that would be to move the fire button to the top next to the 510 connector. If you have one, try it - the same flush button on the top - lay it flat in your hand and push the top with your thumb. That slight change would make it flawless. The present position is kind of awkward. One thing surprised me - I plugged it into my phone charger & 20 minutes later the green light went out - full charge! Nice! Now I get to test the longevity of the battery pack. Overall, I'm impressed & really like this little unit! Vapes REALLY NICE with my F16s & FZBJ Cowboy. As good as my big Vamo! Despite my nitpicking, I'm very happy I bought it & really happy I bought it from Tropical Vapors!
  Did you find this helpful?  
Reviewed by:  from Idaho. - 6/19/2013
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